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Multiple Serverside Geocoder - Beta Release

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This is a serverside wrapper library for .Net and Nodejs (very dirty and alpha) to some common geocoding services that allow the conversion of an address/place into its latitude and longitude from the server (not client/javascript).  This library in its current form returns basic information (latitude and longitude) and only returns some basic information such as accuracy, address, etc when available or applicable.  It will also return a list of the ambiguous results when available.

It currently supports 6 free services (some require api key) and allows you to specify failovers in the event you get throttled.  Many projects and websites show maps and allow users to enter city,state and/or location to display them and it is a general requirement to geocode that information first.  If you need to do it on the server side, this library will help you.

If you find this helpful, please rate it or leave some feedback on the discussion tab.  It would be appreciated.

The current geocoding services that are supported are:

  • Google Gmap - The default service used since it doesn't require an api key
  • Open Streets Map - No Api key required
  • Bing - API key required
  • MapQuest - API key required
  • Yahoo Place Finder - API Key required - It seems this service is being deprecated for the Yahoo! BOSS Geoservice
  • Cloud Made - API Key required
  • Yahoo BOSS Geo Services - Using the yahoo boss geo service. This one is not free and requires a consumer key, consumer secret, and app id from yahoo as well as some payment information.  See link for details.

If you'd like me to add another service, log it in the discussion or issue tracker and I'll take a look.  Please include a link to the documentation.

On to the code......


In it's simplest form:

  GeoCoder gc = new GeoCoder();  // defaults to google
  IGeoCodeResult Target = gc.GetCoordinates("Austin, TX");
  if (Target.HasValue) {
     Target.Latitude;  // contains latitude
     Target.Longitude;  // contains longitude
     Target.Locations; // list of all the locations if more than one

I've worked on projects that have triggered throttling and required a backup/failover service.  Here is how that can be achieved:

GeoCoder gc = new GeoCoder()
  .AddProvider(new GoogleGmap())   
  .AddProvider(new OpenStreetMap());
IGeoCodeResult Target = gc.GetCoordinates("Austin, TX");
// we should get back the openStreetMap result since Google has a bad URL if (Target.HasValue) { Target.Latitude; // do something with the values Target.Longitude; }

Using Yahoo! Boss GEO:
            string consumerKey = "Your consumer key";
            string consumerSecret = "Your boss secret";
            string yahooappid = "Yahoo App ID";

            YahooPlaceFinderBossConfig ypc =
                new YahooPlaceFinderBossConfig()

            YahooPlaceFinderBoss g = new YahooPlaceFinderBoss(ypc);

            var  Expected = new
                Latitude = 30.267599,
                Longitude = -97.742981
            IGeoCodeResult Target = g.GetCoordinates("Austin, TX");



var g = new GeoCoder();
g.GetCoordinates('Austin, TX', function (data) {
    console.log('Default Test')
    console.log('End Default Test');


There are more examples on the documentation tab and in the unit tests project.  Please note that each service has its own terms of use.  For instance on the non enterprise free plan, Google throttles you after 2500 requests in a 24 hour period and requires that you use their map if you use their geocoding service.   Make sure and review the terms of the service(s) you are using. 

This project may change a bit as there are some things that need to be cleaned up, however it should only be minor cleanup.  

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